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Castellana Grotte

At only 9 miles from Conversano you can visit the Caves of Castellana, the most important speleological complex in Italy and in Europe, characterized by a big variety of stalactites and stalagmites. The caves were shaped by a subterranean river and are 130 yards deep. The tour is almost 2 [...]

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Monopoli is a town by the sea, close also to the Murge Plateau. It is rich in history, dating back to the Stone Age. The charming Old Town, with narrow streets running towards the sea and impressive walls, the majestic Castle of Charles V (16 th century) and the Baroque [...]



Alberobello, distant about 22 miles from Conversano, is UNESCO World Heritage Site for the unique architectonic historic centre made of Trulli. The Trulli are dry stone huts with peculiar conical roofs. Some elements of these buildings probably date back to 1500BC, but the oldest preserved Trulli we know today have [...]


Polignano a Mare

Polignano a Mare is a famous touristic destination of the Metropolitan City of Bari. Erected on a sea cliff, it has a unique inspiring view. The town inhabitants thrive on tourism, in fact, besides the peculiar historic centre, there are numerous sea caves, rests from the Roman Empire, like the Via [...]

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The administrative centre of the Apulian Region, Bari city, is sited near the sea. It has a particularly nice seafront that runs along the city centre and the Old Town. The St. Nicholas Cathedral is the most famous model of the romantic Apulian style. Very close to the Old Town, [...]



Conversano is a town rich in history, art and tradition. The cylindrical tower of the Castle is located in the highest point of the hill and is the symbol of the town. It was erected in 1054 AD by the Normans and then transformed in an elegant dwelling by the [...]