“A guest is a jewel on the cushion of hospitality.”(Rex Stout)

Me and Mimmo, our love story, our second chance in the life. We want to take the challenge once again and to find the courage for sharing the big dream we had so long. Both of us had a wish: to own a holiday home where we could fulfil our desire to host and to present our beautiful area. And so, with passion, love and sacrifice, we started looking for the house, the right one. It wasn’t easy, but finally we found it and we were very excited. It was extremely similar to our dreams! Afterwards everything was fine: the house was located near the icon representing the Virgin Mary of Basilico, occupied by Mrs. Nicoletta, the friendly woman who loved to take care of that icon. The name of our house just had to be Basilikos, in honour of the old local tradition to adorn the icon with basil plants, started in times when flowers were expensive. We renovated the house, trying to keep all its history and poetry. Our dream came true and I am happy that it corresponds to the tradition in our town. The basil is a simple but fragrant plant, as the southern hospitality we wish to offer all our guests. Our big dream came true and we look forward to welcome you!

“Il vaso del basilico sulle soglie aperte dei cortili
E le scaglie di mare che arrivavano insieme
Sui muretti a secco, dietro le siepi.”

(Odisseas Elytis)