Conversano is a town rich in history, art and tradition. The cylindrical tower of
the Castle is located in the highest point of the hill and is the symbol of the town.
It was erected in 1054 AD by the Normans and then transformed in an elegant
dwelling by the Count of Acquaviva in the 17th century. The four towers of the
Castle are pointed towards the cardinal points. Inside you can find the
impressive paintings of Paolo Finoglio, representing the poem “La Gerusalemme
Liberata”. Conversano is rich in historical and artistic churches, like the
Cathedral, build in roman style in the 11-12th centuries, or the small Saint
Catherine Church, from the same historical period. The Municipal Museum is
sited inside the Saint Benedict Monastery, a construction dated from the 6th
century and preserving its original structure. The town has numerous religious
festivals; the most famous of them are the patron saint festival (St. Flaviano, the
3 rd Sunday of May) or the St. Rocco festival with the traditional horse ride in
historic dresses (15-17 th of August). Conversano is leader in the production of
high quality cherries “Ferrovia”; in particular, during their harvest, the town
organizes the famous Cherries Festival.